Changes Are Coming to She's Novel (and I want to hear your voice!)

Change is scary. I can't deny that.

Which is why it makes me a bit nervous to announce that some changes are coming to She's Novel in 2017. But I'm also super THRILLED about these changes because I know they'll enable me to take my online presence in the direction that will be most helpful to you guys and most passion-filled for me.

In case you're short on time today, I'm going to break down this announcement into three parts: the short of it, the long of it, and your questions answered.

So let's dive in! 


The Short of It

For a little over six weeks now, I've been harboring a secret, which I've hinted at very vaguely by mentioning that I'm working on a "big project". Now the time has come to make the announcement. 

On January 31st 2017, She's Novel is going to become.... 




While She's Novel will be getting a new name and a new address (, our writing tutorials and other blog posts aren't going anywhere. I'll continue to publish new writing tutorials while also expanding into more writing life based posts.

Some new topics I plan to cover are writerly self-care, literary discussions (diversity in books, what it really takes to get published, etc.), and the importance of building a well-storied life.

I'll also be absorbing my current separate author website ( into the new Well-Storied website, so I may occasionally write some posts focused on my own writing progress and experiences. 

Those are the basics of my big announcement, but in case you're wondering why I'm choosing to rebrand She's Novel, why I chose the Well-Storied name, and what in the world is going to happen to x, y, and z, continue reading on!


The Long of It

When I began She's Novel in January 2015, I intended to write for young female novelists looking to pursue writing careers. Hence the name "She's Novel".

(That's right! I'm not the novel one. YOU are!)

I wasn't sure this blog would amount to much of anything, let alone take off the way it did. Not two months into blogging, I realized that my audience was pretty much universal. Anyone interested in writing a novel–regardless of age, sex, gender, etc.–were finding a home in She's Novel.

And that was amazing!

But it also meant that the She's Novel name had pretty much become obsolete. But because She's Novel was just beginning to find its place in the online world, I didn't want to suddenly change the name and confuse my new readers.

But now She's Novel is well-established, and I finally feel like the time is right to give it a new name. A name that better fits both its readers and its content.

But that's not all...

As you may know, I revamped and relaunched my author website and began blogging there this year. I also started a Youtube channel, retired that channel, then relaunched it again with a different focus this fall. 

And in all honesty, I took on way too much by separating my audiences (writers, book lovers, and future readers) and creating so many online outlets. Maintaining all of them quickly became mentally and emotionally exhausting. 

And, as it happens whenever you spread yourself too thin, playing so many different roles online didn't allow me to truly excel at any of them. Too many fingers in too many pots, so to speak. 

After becoming increasingly stressed and disappointed in my creative output this October, I knew it was time for a change. To consolidate my online presence and refocus on sharing what I'm truly passionate about.

But what about the name, you ask? Where did Well-Storied come from, and what does it mean?

As many of you know, I struggle with depression and social anxiety, which–if we're being honest–creates a lovely mix of wanting to make yourself seem happy and successful to others while also giving you absolutely no motivation to work towards becoming those things.

For a long time, I was getting pummeled by my mental illnesses. My entire mindset was "if I could just achieve this, that, and the other, then I would be happy and my illnesses would go away".

Of course, this led me down a destructive path. 

The more goals I made and then failed to achieve, the more I grew angry with myself. It wasn't until I finally realized that I needed to put myself before my writing and blogging that I finally started to fight back against depression and anxiety.

In essence, I learned that to write well, you must first live well. And for me, living well means always making the time to indulge in what brings me joy: stories. 

Not just writing stories, but reading them, listening to them, enjoying them, and living them. Real or fictional, my own or someone else's, living a life that is built on stories–a well-storied life, you could say–has become my key to finally finding true happiness and joy in my life. 

And I want to share that with other writers, regardless of whether or not they battle mental illness.

So on She's Novel's second anniversary, January 31st 2017, the new Well-Storied site will make its way into the world. And I'm so excited to share it with you!

Answering Your Questions

Have a million questions running through your mind? Allow me to answer a few for you:

  1. What will happen to the blog? Will I still be able to read my favorite articles?

    Absolutely! I'm not deleting any blog posts or the blog as a whole. All of our articles are staying exactly as is, and I will still continue to publish new writing tutorials for the blog. We'll simply be introducing some writing lifestyle articles and discussion pieces as well. 

  2. Will you still send out newsletters?

    Yes, sir! Our newsletters aren't going anywhere, though I would love to hear if you prefer them to arrive on the same day every week (currently Sunday) or if you wouldn't mind mixing it up.

  3. What will happen to the communities/workshops/ebooks/free worksheets?

    Again, no worries. Our Your Write Dream Facebook group and the #StorySocial Twitter chat are here to stay. I'll also be updating many of the free resources currently available.

    I will be revamping some of our paid workshops and ebooks and retiring some others over the course on 2017 and beyond, simply because I want to provide you with the very best resources!

  4. What will happen to your Youtube channel and author website?

    I'll be integrating She's Novel and my author website, so I'll no longer have separate sites. But don't worry. The new website won't be cluttered or confusing in the least. I've already begun building the new site, and I think you'll find it clear and easy to navigate. 

    I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing with my Youtube channel at the moment, but I know I won't be publishing any new videos anytime soon. If I do continue to use it in the future, it will likely simply be to host video content that I'll share on the new site.

  5. What does Well-Storied mean again?

    To live a well-storied life is to celebrate stories. To read, write, and discuss literature. To seek out new real-life perspectives and experiences and to broaden your horizons. To build your own thriving and successful life story. 

  6. So, when is all of this happening?

    Great question! I'm intentionally taking my time with this rebranding process. You've stuck with me through so many She's Novel growing pains already, so I'd like to make this rebrand the final major change to the She's Novel site for a long, loooong time. 

    I've already been working on rebranding for the past few weeks, but I don't plan to officially launch the new Well-Storied site until January 31st, 2017, She's Novel's second anniversary!


But wait, I want to hear your voice!

Do you know what makes change a little less scary? Knowledge and control. 

Hopefully, I provided you enough knowledge in this announcement to ease your doubts and fears about this rebrand. Now I'd like to give you some control as well. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this new direction. 

Anytime from today through the end of January, please feel free to share with me your feedback, concerns, and suggestions about this site change. I'd love to hear your thoughts on:

  • Our new blog topics
  • How I can improve our current free worksheets, courses, etc.
  • Any new free resources you'd like to see
  • How I can improve our weekly newsletters
  • What new resources (ebooks, workshops, services, courses, etc.) you'd like to see
  • Updates you'd like to see made to current resources (ebooks, workshops, and so on...)
  • How I can improve our Facebook group, Your Write Dream
  • How I can improve the #StorySocial Twitter chat
  • Site design and navigation
  • The new name!
  • Anything else ya got for me :)

You're welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below or by emailing me. Click here to get in touch!

Keep in mind: if I get a huge surge of feedback, I likely won't be able to respond to everyone personally. However, I will absolutely read, consider, and appreciate every last scrap of feedback.

In fact, let me thank you in advance just in case. Your input means the world to me, friends.

Together, we can make this site the very best resource it can be!

Kristen Kieffer is a writer of fantasy fiction and the creative writing coach behind She's Novel. She's made it her mission to help aspiring authors write sensational novels because obliterating expectations is her jam. Her other passions? Coffee and Tolkien, of course!

Kristen is the author of the upcoming The Books of Maveryn series and The Astral Series, as well as several non-fiction books for writers.