The Pre-Write Project: an epic workbook


The Pre-Write Project: an epic workbook



Are you looking to rock your next first draft? Don't settle for less than success.

The Pre-Write Project is an epic digital workbook that guides you through the process of completing all of the prep work for your next novel so that your story can shine! Broken down into a five day schedule, The Pre-Write Project encourages you to give up haphazard (or non-existent) pre-writing attempts in exchange for an efficient and productive pre-writing extravaganza.

Available for instant PDF download, The Pre-Write Project consists of over 50 pages of worksheets and insights to help you get prepped and organized. And if you're a fantasy or sci-fi writer, you're in luck! The Pre-Write Project also comes with three free bonus days - over 20 additional pages - that cover the process of building your fictional world. Hurray


  1. Explore Your Story Idea. You have a story idea, but do you know if it's truly a story idea worth spending months - or even years - writing? Day one will help you determine your passion for the idea, identify an ideal reader, and nail down your story's parameters.
  2. Expand Your Idea into Character Stories. Characters are the backbone of your novel. It is their stories that make up the plot, so day two is focused on ensuring that you know your characters inside and out before you begin to write about them.
  3. Outline Character Stories to Create the Plot. Ah, outlines. The dirty word of the writing process. If you like to outline, fantastic! If you don't, know that it is still extremely beneficial to outline if you want to set your story up for success. Luckily, day three makes outlining your novel a piece of cake.
  4. Put the Finishing Touches on Your Story Bible. By completing the pre-writing work, you're creating a story bible that you can use as you write to maintain consistency and avoid mistakes. On day four, we'll put the finishing touches on creating this resource.
  5. Research Your Story Bible. You're almost there! Before you write, you'll want to make sure that you understand your story topic in full. Day five will walk you through the process of researching your novel with precision.

    And the additional world-building bonus days...
  6. Establish Your Story World. The basis of every fictional world is the land upon which it is built. In day six, you'll create your geography so that your characters have a land in which to thrive!
  7. Create Cultures for Your World. The cultures in your story world will probably differ slightly from those already found on Earth. In day seven, you'll create fictional cultures that are grounded in reality.
  8. Establish Your World's Parameters. As a fantasy or science-fiction writer, your novel may contain magic or advanced technology. Setting strong parameters into place for both of these elements will keep your novel from seeming far-fetched. 


Imagine you are a sculptor. If you take time to examine your slab of stone for imperfections before beginning to carve, you're far less likely to stumble upon flaws in the stone after you've finished. The same goes for pre-writing your novel!

If you take the time to get to know your characters, establish a solid plot, research appropriate topics, and explore story elements before digging into your first draft, you'll spend far less time struggling to write and edit your novel later. Sound like a plan?